We help our clients identify major risks their business face, then we help them finding alternative solutions to mitigate the impact of such risks.

We also model risks to design risk mitigation strategies that provide support in decision making. 


  • Assess and evaluate the many purposes a reinsurance coverage provides for a company on a line-by-line basis or on aggregate.​
  • Assist companies negotiate better terms and pricing.


  •  Assessments of insurance company assets & liabilities
  • Calculation and explanation of impact of future events
  • Impact analysis of changes in operations​
  • Merger & Acquisition 

unlock Your Enterprise Value


Companies must make appropriate decisions to optimize capital while avoiding the devastation of extreme risk scenarios.

We help our client companies utilize their capital in an optimal way by making the appropriate decisions while avoiding the ruin of extreme events.


  • Expert testimony 
  • Estimation of Damages
  • Preparations and analysis of evidentiary documents

Actuarial Services


 Conduct rate indication reviews for existing insurance products or lines of business, and perform pricing studies for new lines of business or new markets.

We also design a comprehensive insurance market structure that addresses the needs for all stakeholders; insurance companies, insureds, regulators, agencies/brokers, re-insurance companies, and most important society’s overall health (Social Welfare).  


Conduct quarterly, semi-annual or annual reserve assessments on a line of business or a market segment basis.

Evaluate a company’s reserve needs, review Actuarial reserve reports prepared by others, form new opinion to a company’s reserve needs.

Our comprehensive reserve analysis includes assessing the adequacy of the technical provisions for unpaid claims (case reserves), provisions for future development on known claims, reopened claims reserve, provisions for claims incurred but not reported (IBNRs), provisions for claims in transit, Unearned Premium Reserves (UEPRs), LAE Reserves, Premium Deficiency Reserves (PDRs), Long Duration Contract UEPR testing, Statement of Actuarial Opinion, Schedule P Preparation and Review, and Liability Duration Estimation.